It makes other party platters envious.

About Our Platters

Our platters are meant to handle serious food and serious parties. Made with premium strength, they are cut and leak resistant and can hold any and everything. Steaks. Burgers. BBQ chicken. Thanksgiving dinners. It doesn’t matter the dish – we can handle it. And their elegant and disposable design? That’s just how we top things off.

To add to the goodness, Chinet platters are eco-friendly. They’re fully compostable and made from 100% pre-consumer recycled material. And, they can be microwaved so that your meal or leftovers are served just the way you like. Learn more about our durable and party-ready platters below.


  • It does more heavy lifting than a competitive weightlifter.

    Chinet® Classic White™ Platter
    Classic White™ 12 5/8" x 10" Platter

Did You Know?

We want you to be proud about what you're bringing to the table. And there are certain things that make Chinet, well ... Chinet. Learn about our heritage and our sustainability efforts.