A tray that knows how to party.

About Our Trays

With our distinct and disposable party trays, you can have your cake (and a ton of other sides) and eat it, too. Football game? Chip and dip party tray has your back. Thanksgiving dinner? Our compartment tray is ready to serve. Picky eaters who don’t like their peas and meat to touch? Well, we’ve just made their day. Our trays are perfect for any occasion.

Chinet disposable trays aren’t just good for keeping the party going – they’re fully functional as well. They’re sturdy, microwavable, leak-resistant and cut-resistant, so you can truly pile high and enjoy. Learn more about our premium disposable compartment trays below. 


Did You Know?

We want you to be proud about what you're bringing to the table. And there are certain things that make Chinet, well ... Chinet. Learn about our heritage and our sustainability efforts.