Celebrate Summer with an Americana Snack Board

With summer holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and even Labor Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about easy-to-prepare meals to serve the next time you host a gathering of friends or family. Make these summer holidays even more patriotic with an Americana Board!  

Celebrate Summer with an Americana Snack Board

Ready-to-serve foods, like meats, cheeses and crackers, can be easily combined with fresh fruits and treats to create a balanced but filling meal. Best of all, many of these ingredients are red, white and/or blue, or they can be cut into fun, patriotic shapes like stars. Simply grab a star-sharped cookie cutter and transform cheese and fruit, like watermelon, into new shapes. Add in a few treats like bite-size pieces of chocolate or chocolate-coated pretzels with red and blue icing to complete the meal.

Snack Board Ingredient Inspiration 

If your summer holiday plans take you to the beach, the park or even your own backyard, add a little patriotism to your next party. The Americana snack board is one that both kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy!  

  • Meats 
    • Summer sausage 
    • Salami 
    • Prosciutto  
  • Cheese (Sliced or cut into stars) 
  • Crackers and nuts  
  • Fruits 
    • Watermelon (Cut into triangles or stars) 
    • Strawberries  
    • Blueberries  
    • Blackberries 
    • Grapes 
    • Raspberries 
  • White chocolate pretzel sticks with red/blue sprinkles  

Whether the get-together is inside or out, this Americana board is a great option for when partygoers are hanging out, snacking and drinking. Don’t worry too much about the arrangement of the ingredients. The more carefree, the better. However, try not to let the fruit overlap with your crackers, which can become soggy. A great solve is to place either the fruit or crackers in Chinet Crystal® 9oz and/or 14oz cups to separate items and hold them in place. These cups can also double as drink cups. Serve the board with refreshing summer drinks as well.  

Celebrate Summer with an Americana Snack Board
Celebrate Summer with an Americana Snack Board