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When we find our people, we feel part of something bigger. Something that gives us the courage to do things we might never do on our own. Something that makes us feel like we belong. Here’s to all the wonderful things that happen when we come together.  

Here’s to us. All of us. 

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Chinet Comfort™ 16oz Cup
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A toast to spring.

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to trade hot toddies for bubbling mimosas. With the appearance of glass and the strength of premium plastic, Chinet Crystal® gives your get-together an elegant look with no dirty dishes to clean.

Brand Features

Chinet Classic® plates are made with at least 80% recycled materials.
Chinet Comfort® insulated hot cups are made without foam.
Chinet Classic® plates, bowls, and straws* are compostable. *Chinet Classic® straws must be composted commercially
Chinet® Brand products are made in the USA*. *Excludes Chinet Classic® compostable straw and Chinet Crystal® cutlery and stemless wine glass.
Here’s to friends who become family.
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Women holding up Chinet Crystal cups for a cheers

Great rhythm is essential when tap dancing, just like great food and drinks are essential for any get-together. The Tap Chicks show us the most essential part of both is friends that feel like family. From book club and bridal showers to Sunday brunch and picnics in the park, the Chinet® brand is made for it.

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