Chinet Classic® 16oz Bowl

Chinet Classic® 16oz Bowl
  • Chinet Classic™ Bowl
  • Chinet Classic™ Bowl
  • Chinet Classic 16oz bowl 60 count
  • Chinet Classic 16oz bowl 150 count

Chinet Classic®


Made for the heartiest of soups. Built for the extra spoonful of chili. Chinet Classic® bowls are the perfect pairing next to the slow cooker.

  • From cereal to soup, it carries it all (16oz)
  • Made with at least 80% recycled materials
  • Leak resistant enough for seconds, and maybe thirds
  • Made to be microwave safe & leftovers’ best friend
  • Made in the USA
  • Take pride in being the host with the compost. Our plates and bowls can be composted

Product Features

Cut resistant
Strong & Sturdy
Microwave safe
When we find our people, we feel part of something bigger. Something that gives us the courage to do things we might never do on our own. Something that makes us feel like we belong. Here’s to all the wonderful things that happen when we come together.
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