Classic White™Compartment Plate

10 3/8"

Product Information

  • Great for dinner parties & gatherings
  • Heavy duty and sturdy design
  • Eco-friendly and compostable
  • Microwave-safe 
  • Made in the USA


Recipes & Entertaining

Pom-Pom Skewers
Big Game Bingo

Let’s face it. For a lot of us, the commercials are the most entertaining part of the big game. Add some fun and competition to your watch party with Game Day Commercial Bingo. During the commercials, keep a close eye out for these common scenes. We’ve created ten variations of our board to keep things interesting, but if you’re looking to make things extra competitive, limit square claiming to one per commercial.

Ghost Pops
Add a spooky but sweet display to your next Halloween get together!
Drink Stirrer Sticks