Chinet® Classic White™ Square Dessert Plate 6 3/8”
Chinet® Classic White™ Square Dessert Plates 6 3/8”, Pack of 35

Chinet® Classic White™Square Dessert Plate

6 3/8”

Product Information

  • Great for parties
  • Eco-friendly and compostable
  • Microwave-safe
  • Made in the USA 


Recipes & Entertaining

Yucca Steak Fries
Wonton Wrapped Shrimp on Clear Plastic, Chinet Plate
Wonton-Wrapped Shrimp
A classic Asian appetizer that's simple to put together and packs a ton of flavor thanks to Thai flavoring. Serve with sweet chili sauce for dipping.
Lemon Brookies
The perfect cross between a brownie and a cookie
Easy Pretzel Holiday Cookies
Easy Pretzel Holiday Cookies

This unconventional, sorta-sweet-sorta-salty pretzel cookie recipe is sure to capture the attention of Santa’s taste buds.