Build a Halloween-Inspired Bloody Mary Bar
Build a Halloween-Inspired Bloody Mary Bar

Build a Halloween-Inspired Bloody Mary Bar

By: Kara from Lillian Hope Designs

This year, switch up your Halloween festivities and have friends and family over to make their own delicious Bloody Mary. Complete your Bloody Mary Bar with these free Bloody Mary bar printables at the bottom of this post!

A Bloody Mary Bar is perfect for any family or holiday gathering. You can easily create one for your Halloween soiree, or use this idea year-round without the Halloween décor. I used paper bat cutouts for a spooky backdrop. I bent the wings to help give them some dimension and used double sided tape to adhere them to the wall. You can set up your drink bar on your kitchen counter, or at a table like I did here. If you are using a table, add some extra fun with a Halloween banner on the front.

The Chinet Crystal® 14 oz. cups are the perfect size for creating a delicious Bloody Mary plus all of your favorite toppings! I tend to go a little overboard on my toppings, so I love having the larger size cups with room to spare. You can download the free “Bloody Mary Bar” sign at the bottom of this post. I also included a “drink up” sign in case you want to do a different type of beverage bar.

Using the Chinet Crystal® cups for the Bloody Mary bar toppings also helps to cut down on cleanup after the party – you can simply throw them all away when the party’s over. Pro tip: fill a pitcher with your Bloody Mary mix and a small, separate carafe with your vodka. This way your guests can choose to make a virgin Bloody Mary, or add the amount of vodka they like in their drink.

You can go with basic Bloody Mary toppings, or get creative with a wide selection of different options – I chose to do somewhere in between. You can create bacon on a stick as I did here, or chop up into bite-sized bacon bits. Some people like to do both. Be sure to have a few hot sauce options as well!

Now everyone can fill their Bloody Mary with as many toppings as their heart’s desire! I tend to favor lots of bacon in mine … doesn’t everyone?!

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