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Cookie Baking Tips

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Make your next batch the best batch!

Sugar cookies can be tough to bake and even tougher to decorate. Laura Wilfon from @wineatbedtime shares with us five cookie-baking tips you can follow to ensure your next batch of sugar cookies has sharp lines, no color bleeding and consistent designing.   

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your expertise!

5 Cookie-Baking Tips:  

  1. Make your cookie dough, roll it out and freeze it before cutting with a cookie cutter for sharper lines. 

    Undecorated cookies on a baking sheet

  2. Let cookies cool completely before decorating to prevent butter seeping through.  
  3. Make your royal icing firm, adding a bit of white food coloring to the entire batch to prevent color bleeding.   
  4. Use a spray bottle of water to thin out icing slowly for best results. 

    Kitchen mixer mixing cookie icing

  5. A small projector is the fastest and easiest way to get consistent and striking character cookies decorated.