The Game Night Guide for Guaranteed Fun
The Game Night Guide for Guaranteed Fun

The Game Night Guide for Guaranteed Fun

Don’t settle for just any game night.
Make it the best game night.

Any night can be game night. But the key to having an unforgettable, laugh-out-loud game night that is fun for players of all ages is following this step-by-step guide. Win or lose, your guests will go home with memories.

1. Set the scene

What type of game night are you having? How many people are you inviting? Is this just adults or are kids invited too? The magic is all in the details. 


  • 2 people: Mancala, Battleship, Jenga, Checkers, Most Boardgames
  • 4-6 people: Scrabble, Yahtzee, Dungeons and Dragons, Twister, Settlers of Catan
  • 8+ people: Catch Phrase, Cards against Humanity, Pictionary, Head Up
  • Odd number: Apples to Apples, Balderdash, Scribblish, Bananagrams

Type of Games:

  • Card games: Quick to learn, no special supplies needed, can be played by all ages
  • Board games: Usually played with 2-4 people, games can last long, fun for kids and adults
  • Strategy games: Need a quiet environment, requires a longer time commitment, may need additional supplies
  • Virtual games: Best for adults, some technology is required, flexibility of location


  • Adults: Invite people who are passionate about playing, give guests time to mingle, make room for everyone to play
  • Couples: 3-4 couples work best, encourage everyone to bring a game, give a prize to the winners
  • Kids: Provide lots of snacks, have prizes for all attendees, keep the rules simple

2. Mix it up

Game night is best when a variety of games are available. Consider bringing traditional and new games to the table. While board games and card games are always a hit, try something new like What Do You Meme? and You’re On Mute. 

Keep strategy and skill level in mind when picking games. Some people love games that require no skill or strategy, like Watch Ya’ Mouth, while others prefer to think deeply about how to save the world in games like Pandemic. One thing to keep in mind is the level of difficulty of new games. Players will lose interest if it takes more than a few minutes to learn how to play.  

Group playing card game

3. Make food to share

Yes, playing games dominates everyone’s attention— as it should— but don’t forget about what people will eat during and between games. Game players can be nervous eaters, so make sure to offer several snack (and drink) options. The best foods for game nights are finger foods and food that is easy to share. Consider putting snacks like popcorn, pretzels, crackers and dips in Chinet Crystal® cups so people can easily munch on them while playing.  

Table with Chinet products

4. Mark your cups

At all great parties, cups get set down and never picked back up. Whether you’re using your Chinet Crystal® for snacks or drinks, make sure to leave a marker out so guests can put their name on their cups. Make sure to have a variety of drinks available for guests— both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. If kids are invited, make sure to offer juice and water.  

5. Reward the champions

Even a small reward can go a long way in getting competitive spirits up. When players put their energy (and passion) into winning a game, they want to know it was worth it. Small prizes like candy, a bottle of wine or a gift card are fun and easy to get. If you have a reoccurring game night between family or friends, consider having a rotating trophy that the winner takes home after each championship. 

Woman playing Jenga