Five Watch Party Hacks

Win or lose, make your watch party a success.

Whether you’re gathering to watch the championship game or just cheer on your favorite team during a regular season game, make sure your watch party is as memorable as the event itself. 

Hack 1. Sweet, savory, and simple 

Food is key to a successful watch party, and almost as important as the game. But don’t go overboard preparing snacks that may or may not get eaten. Variety here is essential. Offer a range of sweet, salty and savory snacks to make sure everyone’s tastes are accounted for. And sometimes simple is best. Consider serving snacks, like chips and dip, individually with Chinet Crystal® cups so people can eat while watching the game.  

Table of food on Chinet plates

Hack 2. Buy booze in bulk

A variety of beverages for all age groups is a necessity. Whether you’re serving alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, the best (and cheapest) way is to buy them in bulk and let people serve themselves. This prevents half-empty waters and beers left around the house. Prepare big-batch cocktails for a crowd and don’t forget to set out extra Chinet Crystal® cups

Hack 3. Show your spirit

Sports décor and team jerseys can go a long way in ramping up the spirit of the party. Encourage attendees to get into the spirit as well. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have decorations for the team or sport you’re watching. Try to match the color of the teams playing to the color of the décor and you’re all set.    

Group watching a sports game

Hack 4. Make it a game

The entertainment doesn’t only have to be on the TV. Fun games like squares, small wagers and bingo help keep attendees interested in the outcome of the game. These games can also keep kids entertained so they don’t disrupt any big plays on TV. 

Hack 5. Keep it engaging

If the game on TV isn’t a nail-biter, keep your party guests engaged other ways. Make sure to have TVs on in multiple rooms if you can. You don’t just have to show the game. Turn on cartoons for the kids or other games that might be close in score for adults. And take a break during halftime by running around outside or playing a game of catch.