Graduation Party Guide

Your student has received their diploma, which means it is time to celebrate! Whether you thought it would never happen or you’re in disbelief that it happened so fast, throwing a party is a must. Big or small, you can’t go wrong as long as the graduate feels celebrated. Check out our guide to throw the perfect party no matter the size.

The Big Bash

Family, friends, friends of family, family of friends—invite them all! If you’re MO is “the more, the merrier,” go ahead and invite the whole graduating class. The key to parties of this size is to stay well-stocked on everything from snacks and drinks to plates and cups. Order some finger food (keep costs down by planning it for the afternoon), stock up on Chinet Classic® plates and send out the invites!

Family and Friends Festivities

There is nothing grandparents love more than celebrating a graduate. Invite all the relatives—and friends who feel like family—for a classy occasion. Serve up some sandwiches, chips and punch, of course, then let the graduate get to opening gifts. Chinet Crystal cups and plates will give this party a fancy feel—it is a big milestone after all—no matter what you serve.

Graduate Get-Together

Sometimes smaller really is better—especially when it means getting to spend time with those you’re closest to. Nothing beats celebrating a milestone with those who were there every step of the way. So, whether you’re ordering pizza for your graduate’s buddies or serving up a fancy feast for a few close friends, just make sure that everyone feels welcome and celebrated!