Movie Night Snack Board

Family movie night is a tradition that both children and parents can enjoy. The only thing better than watching a good movie with your loved ones is digging into delicious treats. Don’t limit your movie snacks to just popcorn; treat the entire family to a Movie Night Board.  

From traditional, buttery popcorn and salty chips to special treats like marshmallows and candies, this board is sure to have something for everyone. With the addition of protein-packed nuts and nutritious fruit, it’s a snack (or meal) you don’t need to feel guilty about.  

Ingredient Inspiration:

  • Popcorn   
  • Mini Marshmallows  
  • Candies  
    • M&Ms  
    • Junior Mints  
    • Twizzlers  
    • Sour Patch Kids  
  • Nuts  
    • Peanuts  
    • Almonds 
    • Cashews  
  • Fruit  
    • Apple slices  
    • Orange slices  
    • Grapes  
    • Blueberries 
    • Strawberries 

Don’t have any of these ingredients? Don’t fret. Almost anything from your pantry will work. If you don’t have fresh fruit, consider substituting dried fruit, like raisins. If you don’t have any candy around the house, pantry staples like chocolate chips make a great alternative.  

Start building the Movie Night board by filling several Chinet Crystal® 9 oz. cups with items like popcorn, marshmallows or fruit. The cups help keep small ingredients together and prevent wet ingredients, like fruit, from overlapping with dry ingredients, like popcorn. Pile the ingredients on the board, making sure there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. Arranging the board is an activity the kids will love to help with.  

Movie watchers can serve themselves on Chinet Classic® compartment plates or just eat from the board together. Now sit back, cuddle up and dig in while creating wonderful family memories.