The Best Disposable Glassware for Weddings

Chinet Crystal® 14oz cup

Perfect for: Signature cocktails, beer, non-alcoholic beverages

This versatile cup works well as a highball glass for signature cocktails, which utilize more mixer than spirit. Being nearly a pint, it also makes for an elegant and sturdy beer glass—ideal if you’ll be utilizing a keg. It’s also a great size for serving non-alcoholic drinks like soda or lemonade.

Chinet Crystal® 9oz cup

Perfect for: Wells drinks

If you’ll be offering a modified open bar, you’ll want a smaller cup on hand for guests who request drinks like gin and tonic or whiskey on the rocks. Similar to a rocks glass, our 9-ounce tumbler helps the bartender with portion control on drinks with higher alcohol content, while still making the glass look rather full.

Chinet Crystal® Wine Glasses

Perfect for: Wine

The shape of a wine glass is essential for releasing the aromatic compounds that make drinking wine so enjoyable. With our disposable wine glasses, your guests can swirl their wine and enjoy the same experience they’re used to without the hassle and expense of dealing with glassware. The 15 oz. size holds a generous pour and can help mitigate excessive trips to the bar for refills.

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