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DIY Cake Stand

DIY Cake Stand

This DIY cake stand is ideal for displaying small treats at a bridal shower brunch. Made entirely with Chinet Crystal® plates and cups, it’s strong enough to hold multiple tiers of baked goods with ease. Plus, with some paint and creativity, you can customize your stand to match your party décor.

DIY Cake Stand
DIY Cake Stand


  • 1

    In a well-ventilated area, put on the latex gloves and spray paint the outside of the cups and the back side of the plates. Let dry for at least one hour.


  • 2

    Heat up glue gun and apply hot glue to the bottom of one cup. Stick the bottom of the cup to the back center of the dinner plate.


  • 3

    For the second tier, apply hot glue to the top and bottom of the second cup. Stick the top of the cup to the top center of the dinner plate and secure the bottom of the dessert plate to the bottom of the (now upside-down) cup.

  • 4

    When glue is dry, remove any stray pieces and wipe tiers clean. Your DIY cake stand is ready for serving!