Chinet Crystal® Dinner Plate

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  • Chinet Crystal Dinner Plate - Side View
  • Chinet Crystal Dinner Plate - Side View

Chinet Crystal®

Dinner Plate

For those times when “the more, the merrier!” leads to a house full of your favorite people.

  • Go ahead, show off that ten layer lasagna (10in)
  • Appearance of glass and the strength of premium plastic for an elegant look that’s always ready to serve
  • Matching plates, cups, and cutlery—everything you need for when happy hour turns into full-on dinner
  • With no dirty dishes to clean, you can let the good times roll. Charades, anyone?
  • Made in the USA to cut down on transportation impact

Product Features

Coordinated collection
Strong & sturdy
Party ready
From the vacations to the staycations. When you’re ready to make the most of your time together, we’ve got the tableware for that.

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