Peanut Butter, Chocolate Pine Cones

Peanut Butter, Chocolate Pine Cones

Add a bit of festive flair to your next holiday cake or pie with these peanut butter, chocolate pine cones. It’s a hands-on creation that the entire family can be a part of or a quick and easy dessert topper to whip up right before your guests arrive.

Thank you Kasim Hardaway —culinary photographer, recipe developer and food blogger—for this recipe.



  • 1

    Combine the peanut butter, hazelnut spread, softened butter, powdered sugar, and a pinch of salt in a bowl. Stir until completely combined.

  • 2

    Scoop out a ¼ cup portion. Flatten it in your palm, place a pretzel stick in the middle of it, and form it into a cone shape surrounding the pretzel.

  • 3

    Place the chocolate chex pieces into the cone, sticking the short side of the cereal into the cone so it protrudes outwards. Start at the base and work your way up to the top.

  • 4

    Repeat with remaining peanut butter mixture and pretzel sticks.

  • 5

    Dust the pinecones with additional powdered sugar for a “snowy” effect.

  • 6


    Substitute peanut butter with almond butter, sunflower butter, or another nut butter if preferred.