Chinet Classic® Compostable Straw

Women holding a Chinet Classic Recycled Clear Cup
  • Chinet Classic Compostable Straw with doodle illustrations
  • Chinet Classic Commercially Compostable Straws
  • Chinet Classic Compostable Straw in packaging

Chinet Classic®

Compostable Straw

Say hello to your new best friend—a straw that’s commercially compostable and sturdy. A non-paper straw that won’t dissolve in your drink which means it’s strong enough for seconds, and thirds.

  • See how it stacks up morning, day, and night (50-count box)
  • Simple, sturdy, and made for all sipping occasions (6 3/4in)
  • Sip easily knowing it is commercially compostable*
  • Proudly made in North America
  • Available now in select Target stores and

The Chinet® brand believes in the power of people coming together. Together, we can make memories. We can make a difference. And we can do more good for the world than we can alone. So, when you gather, invite the Chinet® brand to the party. Because our goal is to leave less of a mess behind for future generations.
Illustration drawing of Chinet Classic Compostable Straw
Instax picture of boy sipping out of Chinet Crystal 9oz cup and Chinet Classic straw

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