Chinet Classic® Recycled Clear Cup

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  • Chinet Classic Recycled Clear Cup with

Chinet Classic®

Recycled Clear Cup

Leaving a mess behind is the real party foul. Chinet Classic® clear cups give additional life to plastic already produced. In fact, 32 Chinet Classic® clear cups save 51 plastic water bottles from landfills, which is something worth celebrating. When you gather, do more for the planet and invite the Chinet® brand to the party.

  • Lemonade, beer, soda—it holds it all (17oz)
  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Sturdy enough for flipping, sleek enough for sipping
  • Recyclable where facilities exist, check locally
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Available now in select Target stores and

Product Features

Icon of a cup
Durable & Sturdy
Icon of a cup
Simple design
Icon of a cup and straw
Made for every sip
The Chinet® brand believes in the power of people coming together. Together, we can make memories. We can make a difference. And we can do more good for the world than we can alone. So, when you gather, invite the Chinet® brand to the party. Because our goal is to leave less of a mess behind for future generations.
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