Chinet Classic® Lunch Napkin

Chinet Classic® Lunch Napkin
  • Chinet Classic™ Lunch Napkin
  • Chinet Classic™ Lunch Napkin
  • Chinet Classic Lunch Napkin 90 count
  • Chinet Classic Lunch Napkin 200 count

Chinet Classic®

Lunch Napkin

These soft, absorbent lunch napkins can go from wiping hands to soaking up spills faster than you can say “party foul.”

  • 12 7/8in square
  • Premium, two-ply design that’s ideal for the sauciest game day wings.
  • When conversations get animated, there’s bound to be spills. Chinet Classic® lunch napkins are ready the second the wine hits the floor.
  • Thick enough to absorb drips, dribbles and the occasional spilled drink
  • Made in the USA

Product Features

Extra absorbent
Made in the USA
From the vacations to the staycations. When you’re ready to make the most of your time together, we’ve got the tableware for that.

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