Chinet Crystal® Cutlery

Chinet Crystal® Cutlery
  • Chinet Crystal™ Cutlery
  • Chinet Crystal Cutlery 48 count
  • Chinet Crystal Cutlery 96 count

Chinet Crystal®


For when you’ve got a house full of friends and want to skip the sink full of silverware.

  • Made with premium plastic for an elegant look that’s always ready to serve
  • Strong enough to cut through anything, even your in-laws overcooked steak
  • Matching plates, cups, and cutlery—everything you need for when happy hour turns into full-on dinner
  • With no dirty dishes to clean, you can let the good times roll. Charades, anyone?

Product Features

Coordinated collection
Strong & sturdy
Party ready
When we find our people, we feel part of something bigger. Something that gives us the courage to do things we might never do on our own. Something that makes us feel like we belong. Here’s to all the wonderful things that happen when we come together.
Women holding up Chinet Crystal cups for a cheers
Setting an Easy Parfait Bar Graham cracker dipped in icing

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