Tips for a Simple Holiday Dessert Bar with DIY Cake Stands


By: Angela Lerew, Unexpected Elegance

‘Tis the season! One of the things I love most about the holidays is spending time with friends and family. It's the perfect time for gatherings.

Desserts are always plentiful around this time of year, as well. Everyone suddenly becomes a baker, and we always have piles of cookies and sweets in our house.

One of the best ways to ensure I don't gain 15 pounds every December is to set up a dessert bar anytime we have guests over...but don't think that I make it overly complicated! Here a few of my tips that you can steal to make your dessert bar stress free while still looking fabulous.

Set Up in Advance

I like to set out all my serving dishes and decor in advance. Knowing what you need beforehand will save you from frantically running around minutes before people start arriving.

I also prefer to add some type of table covering—wrapping and kraft paper are my go-to favorites. Disposable dishes, napkins and cutlery are always good to keep in stock.

Chinet® brand products are my favorite because they offer premium strength so you don’t have to worry about spills and leaks. They are even cut resistant!

Create Layers

When you have a lot of food laid out, it's best to create a layered display. Different heights will allow your guests to see all of the different options. My favorite way to create this type of display is by using different cake stands mixed with platters.

Most of us don't have more than one or two cake stands, so one trick is to make them out of disposable cups and plates from the Chinet® Cut Crystal® collection. These take less than a minute to create, and you can customize them to your needs!


  • Chinet Cut Crystal plates (dinner and/or appetizer/dessert sizes)
  • Chinet Cut Crystal cups (14 oz. and 9 oz. sizes)
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Turn the cup upside down and put a bead of glue around the edge.
  2. Center the plate on the cup and press firmly. (Tip: Each plate has Chinet®written in the center—use it to make sure it's centered on the bottom of the cup.)

To make tiered stands, just use the dinner plates on the bottom and appetizer/dessert plates on top.

Add Greenery

Sprigs of greenery are great to add to all your holiday displays—they create interest and are festive.

You can cut fresh ones from your yard or use faux ones from the craft store. The benefits of faux greenery is that it doesn’t dry out and is reusable year after year.


Once you have everything set out, add a few embellishments to the desserts. Things like fruit, berries, nuts, coconut shavings or small cookies are great and really dress up your dessert table without a lot of extra effort.

You don't have to spend a lot of extra time setting up a dessert bar, but your friends and family will never know. Just a few extra touches make all the difference. Happy holidays!

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