Bunny Napkin Fold

Make your table pop with bunny hops. 

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Chinet® Classic White dinner napkins 


Step by Step Instructions

1. Start with a square Chinet® Classic White napkin completely unfolded. Fold in half forming a long rectangle.

Unfolded Napkin Laid Flat

2. Fold again in half lengthwise, to form a longer, thinner rectangle. 

Napkin folded in half lengthwise

3. Fold top corners down along center line.

napkin folded down the middle with point facing upward

4. Fold up bottom corners to meet in the center. Your napkin should now be in a square shape again.

napkin with four corners folded into the middle

5. Bring left and right edges together on the center line. Your napkin should now be shaped like a kite. Flip this upside down.

napkin sides folded down the middle to look like kite

6. Turn up bottom point to create a triangle shape. 

napkin point folded inward to make triangle

7. To fasten, fold left and right corners back; tuck one corner into the pocket of the other. 

corners of napkin folded back to make circle

8. Turn the napkin 90 degrees counter clockwise so the bunny is facing you.

bunny napkin ears being opened

9. Pull out bunny ears first, open up base.

close up of finished bunny napkin fold

10. Enjoy your cute, bunny napkin! 

two completed bunny napkin folds

Download instructions here (PDF) or for visual instructions, click each image to open in a new window.

Bunny napkin folding instructions pt1

Bunny napkin folding instructions pt2