Leaf Napkin Fold

Sara Schmutz of Confetti Sunshine shares her leaf napkin fold to help add some style to your holiday place settings.


Sara Schmutz
Sara of Confetti Sunshine is all about parties – big or small. Sara features inspiration for any of life’s celebrations on her blog, and shared some DIY ideas here to help invite the guests to your next celebration.
  1. Start with a square Chinet® Dinner napkin completely unfolded.
  2. Fold it in half diagonally.
  3. Fold it in half diagonally again.
  4. Take the top fold and fold it down into an accordion fold, making it approximately one inch wide. 
  5. Flip the napkin over and repeat the process of making an accordion fold.
  6. Make sure to firmly press down each fold to create clean creases.
  7. Next, cut a piece of twine about 15 inches long.
  8. Tie the twine into a bow at the bottom of your napkin.
  9. Turn your napkin so you can see the folds.
  10. Gently pull on either side of the napkin to fan out the folds.

Download instructions (PDF)


Leaf Napkin Fold Instructions