Turkey Napkin Fold

Napkin turkeys are a hit at the kid’s and adult tables alike.

Download instructions here (PDF) or for visual instructions, click each image to open in a new window.



  • 1

    Start with the Chinet Dinner Napkin® completely unfolded. Fold the top right and left corners to meet in the middle.

  • 2

    Make two additional folds on each side to meet in the middle.

  • 3

    Make two additional folds on each side to meet in the middle again.

  • 4

    Fold the napkin in half to form body.

  • 5

    Fold the tip of the fold down to create the turkey’s beak.

  • 6

    To form feathers: 

    Take a Chinet All Occasion Napkin® and unfold once to form a long rectangle.

  • 7

    Fold the napkin accordion-style from the shorter edge, leaving about 3 inches of the napkin unfolded.

  • 8

    Turn the napkin over so the accordion portion faces down.

  • 9

    Fold in half.

  • 10

    Fold and tuck the unfolded portion of the napkin into the center accordion slot.

  • 11

    Place the accordion portion behind the neck of the turkey on top of the body.

  • 12

    Complete your Thanksgiving tablescape with your adorable, turkey napkins!