Baby Shower Games

Keep guests entertained and engaged with these fun baby shower games. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas and created free printables for you to use at your next baby shower.

Baby Name Scramble

In Baby Name Scramble, guests race against the clock to generate a list of unique baby names that combine the names of Mom and Dad. Download here.

How to play: Write down Mom and Dad’s first and middle names. Have guests use the available letters to create a list of baby names. Set the timer for three to five minutes. When time is up, go around the room and have everyone read their names. Cross out any names that appear on someone else’s list. Whoever comes up with the most unique baby names wins.

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo gives guests something fun to do while Mom opens gifts. With blank Bingo cards, guests can fill out their own cards with items they think Mom will open. For a challenge, use our pre-filled Bingo cards that have guests choose which description best fits each item. Download here.

How to play: Pass out Bingo cards along with markers. Have guests mark off items as Mom opens gifts. Only one mark per item. The first to get Bingo wins a prize.

The Newlyparents Game

Similar to the Newlywed game, the Newlyparents game tests how well Mom and Dad know each other’s parenting styles. Surprise the mom-to-be and see if she can guess Dad’s answers to these questions. Download here.

How to play: Before the shower, print this list of questions and ask Dad to answer them. Fill out his answers in the space provided. During the shower, ask Mom each question and see if she can guess how Dad answered.

Printable Words of Encouragement Cards

Give the mom-to-be an extra-special gift in the form of encouragement from her family and friends. Have guests fill out an encouraging note on one of these printable cards for Mom to keep in the nursery and read during nighttime feedings. Download here.