Low-Stress Pie Party Ideas
Low-Stress Pie Party Ideas

Low-Stress Pie Party Ideas

By: Bettijo, Paging Supermom

Find tips for hosting a low-stress pie party so you can spend time with loved ones this holiday season!

Fall is my favorite season— I love the autumn colors, the crisp-but-not-too-cold weather, and of course THE PIE! Today I’m sharing ideas for how to celebrate this beautiful season with family and friends. On Thanksgiving we always have a big feast with our family, but a few days before or after actual Thanksgiving, I also like to host a pie party where we can get together with extended family and friends. It’s so much fun, and it’s easier than you might expect with these five tips for hosting a low-stress pie party.

1. Have Lots of Pie, But Don’t Make It All Yourself!

The focal point of our pie party is, of course, PIE—and lots of it! I provide about six or seven different pies, but I don’t make them all myself and neither should you! Perhaps just make your favorite— I always make my pecan pie and sometimes a homemade apple, berry or cream pie. Two is generally the most I can handle making myself without things getting crazy! There is no shame in buying already-made pies! If you have a favorite bakery, you could also go that route. I often get my store-bought pies from the frozen section at the local grocer—the kind that you take home and bake. They taste wonderful and still have that fresh-out-of-the-oven feel. Another way to simplify your baking load is to share the work— my pie party invite always mentions that I’m happy to have guests bring a favorite pie if they feel so inclined.

2. Label the Pies

Is that a pumpkin or sweet potato pie? Who knows! Be sure to label all the pies to help avoid confusion and save yourself from a million “What kind of pie is this?” interruptions. You can use my free printable pie tags that coordinate with that cute “Let Them Eat Pie!” table sign. Chinet Crystal® disposable forks make perfect sign holders that will stand up in the pie! I tagged my own pies before guests arrive, but then set out pie tags, tape and pens for guests to label the pies they brought.

3. Simplify Decor by Showcasing the Pies

There is something so dreamy about a table filled with every kind of pie! I am betting you will probably have sufficient Thanksgiving décor up, so you won’t really need to do any extra decorating for your pie party. Focus on setting a pie bar where the pies take center stage. I created a rustic feel using burlap sacks as toppers for my table because they have a funl, harvest-y texture. Then I added wooden crates and boxes to create different height levels, providing lots of space for different pies. Bring out whatever cake stands you have. I own a lot of white cake stands, but mismatched cake stands (like I did here) would also look beautiful on your pie table. When you run out of cake stands, just place a Chinet Classic® All Occasion napkin underneath the pie for a special touch that’s reminiscent of a doily.

I already had a “Give Thanks” banner on my fireplace, but I added a few pie slices that were left over from making this super-easy pie slice bunting. For disposable plates and paper, don’t you think this banner is pretty darn cute?! 

4. Offer Lots of Options

With such a big variety of pies, there will also be a variety of ways people will want to enjoy their pie. For those who like it à la mode, I offer vanilla ice cream, served in a metal tub filled with ice to slow the melting. I also set out fresh whipped cream and milk. Some guests will need a bowl instead of a plate, and maybe a spoon instead of a fork. To cover all my bases, I use a cute basket to corral a variety of sturdy disposable plates, bowls and cups from the Chinet® brand. I also included lots of napkins and the Chinet Crystal® Cutlery container with forks, knives and spoons all in a handy serving container.

5. Be Prepared for Leftovers

As the party is winding down, you are almost guaranteed to have LOADS of pie left over. Do your waistline a favor and send leftovers home with your guests! You can quickly turn a couple of extra Chinet Classic® 16oz bowls into a cute container for leftovers—all you need is a stapler. For an extra touch, have these free printable “Let Them Eat Pie… At Home” leftover tags available to tie on, so guests won’t mix up their leftovers.

Don’t forget to download my FREE pie party printable kit with the “Let Them Eat Pie” table sign, pie labels and leftover tags.

Happy pie eating!