Bunny Tail Brunch | Easter Brunch Ideas

Bunny Tail Brunch | Easter Brunch Ideas

Hippity hop, hippity hop, the Easter bunny is on its way! This Easter, why not throw a “bunny tail” brunch that kids and adults alike will love? Fill your morning with pastel colors, fluffy bunny tails, a bunny ear napkin fold and delicious bunny tail pancake stacks.

The bunny ear napkin fold is simple and oh, so cute!

Step 1: Unfold a Chinet® Classic White™ All Occasion napkin once to form a rectangle. 

Step 2: Fold down all four corners, forming triangles.

Step 3: Fold the napkin in half lengthwise once.

Step 4: Fold the napkin again lengthwise.

Step 5: Finally, fold the napkin in half top to bottom, and fluff out bunny ears.

Step 6: (Optional) Add pink construction paper strips with double-sided tape for the inside of the bunny ears.

This napkin fold looks adorable placed in a Chinet® Cut Crystal® 9 oz. cup, adorned with a cotton ball bunny tail!

Set the scene with pastel table linens, fresh tulips and stylish and elegant Chinet Cut Crystal plates and cups. As for bunny tails, put them on everything in sight! I added extra large white pompoms to the chair backs and cotton balls to all of the Chinet Cut Crystal 9 oz. cups.

Bunny Tail Brunch | Easter Brunch Ideas

Fill cone-shaped cellophane bags with cheddar bunnies and finish with green curling ribbon for fun Easter carrots. These Easter carrots also work great as party favors. Set out a basket full of crunchy “carrots” and they will surely disappear quickly!

Bunny Tail Brunch | Easter Brunch Ideas

A “bunny tail” brunch wouldn’t be complete without bunny tail pancake stacks. These delicious brunch favorites are simple and adorable. First, make a bunch of silver-dollar sized pancakes, or buy frozen mini pancakes from the grocery store. Once your pancakes are cooked or heated, place four mini pancakes in a stack and top with a powdered donut hole “bunny tail”. Finally, cook bacon thoroughly, and using a small, sharp knife, cut out long skinny triangles for bunny ears. Serve on Chinet Cut Crystal plates—they are almost too cute to eat! 

The final fun snack at our “bunny tail” brunch is white cheddar “bunny tails” that I served in Chinet Cut Crystal 9 oz. cups finished with cotton ball bunny tails. Throw your own “bunny tail” brunch and the Easter bunny is sure to make a stop at your house! Do you have any easy-to-execute spring entertaining ideas? We would love to hear them! Share your hosting tips and tricks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MyChinetParty.