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Bunny Bait Easter Snack Mix

Bunny Bait Easter Snack Mix Bunny Bait Easter Snack Mix

Hippity-hoppity the Easter Bunny is on his way! And we think he will definitely approve of this bunny bait Easter snack mix. Put this fun trail mix station together for your Easter egg hunt or enjoy while you are dyeing eggs with the kids. Either way, we think this scrumptious snack mix is the perfect way to celebrate spring and the arrival of the Easter Bunny!

Bunny Bait Easter Snack Mix
Bunny Bait Easter Snack Mix


  • 1

    Start by printing out a set of the bunny ears on white cardstock. Then print out a second set on patterned paper, for the inner part of the bunny’s ears. Cut out both sets of ears.

  • 2

    Glue the two ear pieces together, and then use hot glue to attach the bunny ears to the cup.

  • 3

    Hot glue the remaining pieces onto the front of the cup to create the bunny’s face. Don’t forget to add his big, white fluffy tail on the back!

  • 4

    Fill glass jars with some of your favorite snack items to create your bunny bait trail mix bar, including popcorn, pretzel sticks, bunny-shaped graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate candies and sprinkles.

  • 5

    Give each of the kids their own bunny cup and have them create their own delicious bunny bait Easter snack mix.  These fun, little treats are sure to make all of your Easter celebrations extraordinary!