Date Night Snack Board

Date night doesn’t have to be a big ordeal with fancy restaurants and expensive babysitters. In fact, some of the best date nights are the nights spent in, on the couch.

Make date night easy and relaxing by throwing together items you already have in the fridge and pantry. Pile on meats, cheese and fruit, then pair it with a bottle of wine. Make it as an appetizer or even a complete meal.  

Board Inspiration 

  • Cheese 
    • 1 creamy (e.g. Brie)  
    • 1 spreadable (e.g. Goat) 
    • 1 semi-hard (e.g. Gouda or Cheddar) 
  • Cured meats (e.g. prosciutto, salami, pancetta) 
  • Crackers and baguette  
  • Condiments:   
    • 1 fruity (e.g. fig spread)   
    • 1 savory (e.g. whole grain mustard w/honey)  
  • Olives  
  • Fresh fruit   
    • Strawberries  
    • Grapes  
    • Blueberries  
  • Nuts  
  • Dark chocolate   
  • Wine  

Assemble the board by first arranging the cheese and meats around the board. Place condiments and small ingredients, like nuts, in 9oz Chinet® Crystal® cups. Lastly, add fruits and crackers where space allows. Serve the board with Chinet® Crystal® wine glasses and Chinet® Crystal® dessert plates