Tips for Hosting a Girl’s Get Together

Women passing a Chinet Classic plate with muffins on it

No matter the occasion—a weekly book club, a birthday celebration, or just a long overdue gathering—getting together with your friends is always worth making time for. But that doesn’t mean it need to be a lot work. Here are five tips to make your next girl’s get together as relaxing and memorable as possible.

Focus on the food. 

Dips and chips. Hors d’oeuvres and desserts. The more treats and sweets you have to share, the better. Food undeniably brings people together. We bond over it. We connect over it. And we unexpectedly share more than we planned on over it. Plan to have food that allows everyone to dig in.  

Women grabbing muffins off of a Chinet Classic plate

Ditch the dishes. 

While the food is important, doing the dishes shouldn’t consume your time and energy. Ditch doing dishes by using Chinet Classic® products like plates, napkins and cups. You’ll be left with less of a mess and more time to chat.  

Women sitting on a couch eating appetizers

Mix it up. 

Cocktails. Seltzers. Wine or beer. Invite everyone to bring their own spirit and mix up your drinks for your night. Take it one step further and hire a mixologist to make drinks for you! 

Make it memorable.  

Do something to make the evening unique and one that your friends will be talking about for years. Grab an Instanx camera and snap some pictures of your friends. Or hire a professional to teach you something new—how to make a flower arrangement, how to cook something new, or how to paint artwork.  

Women sitting on a couch taking an Instax picture of themselves


The most important part of hosting a girl’s get together is to have fun and be yourself. The food, drinks and activities are great but so is relaxing and enjoying your time together.