Instax picture of Desserts served on Chinet Classic and Crystal plates
Instax picture of sprinkles dropping on a sugar cookie

Six Creative Ways to Use Leftover Frosting

Desserts served on Chinet Classic and Crystal plates

Leftover frosting is too sweet to toss! When you’re done decorating a cake and have extra frosting to spare, try one of these fun and delicious ideas.

Fruit Dipped in Icing

Don’t settle for basic fruit when you can make it frosting fruit. Just dip strawberries, blackberries, apples, strawberries, or grapes into the frosting, then cover with sprinkles. Chill in the fridge for an hour before serving.

Fork dipping strawberry in frosting

Frosting Cocktail Rim with Sprinkles

Serve up an extra special drink for your guests—or kids!—with a frosting-rimmed cocktail glass. Pour extra frosting into a bowl, then dip a Chinet Crystal® cup upside down into the bowl until the entire rim is coated. Next, dip the cup into a bowl of sprinkles to coat the edges. Pour a sweet drink into the cup and serve.

Frosted cocktail rims on Chinet Crystal cups

Frosting-Dipped Pretzel Rods

Sweet and salty are a match made in snacking heaven. First, dip pretzel twists or rods into melted chocolate. Once the chocolate has hardened, dip the pretzels in frosting, then roll in sprinkles, chocolate shavings, nuts or other toppings. Chill, then serve.

Frosting-dipped pretzel rods served on a Chinet Classic plate

Serve Up A Kids’ Platter

Shake up your kid’s after-school snack with a little frosting. Create a kids’ snack platter with graham crackers, animal crackers, fruit, pretzels and more—anything that can be easily dipped into frosting. Easy to prepare, eat and clean up!

Snacks served on a Chinet Classic compartment plate

Sugar Cookies

Leftover frosting can always be used on super simple sugar cookies. Either pick some up at the store or use this recipe to decorate sugar cookies for any occasion!

Hands icing a cookie

Sweet Potato Fry Drizzle

Sweet potato fries are a yummy side to any meal, but add some frosting, and they are an even yummier dessert. Simply warm up the frosting until it is runny, then drizzle it over warm sweet potato fries.

Icing drizzled over sweet potato french fries