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Bunny Napkin Fold

Make your table decorations hop with cute napkin folds. This DIY napkin art project is a festive Easter craft that kids and adults will enjoy.

Download instructions here (PDF) or for visual instructions, click each image to open in a new window.


  • 1

    Start with a square Chinet Classic® Dinner Napkins completely unfolded. Fold in half forming a long rectangle.

  • 2

    Fold again in half lengthwise, to form a longer, thinner rectangle.

  • 3

    Fold top corners down along center line.

  • 4

    Fold up bottom corners to meet in the center. Your napkin should now be in a square shape again.

  • 5

    Bring left and right edges together on the center line. Your napkin should now be shaped like a kite. Flip this upside down.

  • 6

    Turn up bottom point to create a triangle shape.

  • 7

    To fasten, fold left and right corners back; tuck one corner into the pocket of the other.

  • 8

    Turn the napkin 90 degrees counter clockwise so the bunny is facing you.

  • 9

    Pull out bunny ears first, open up base.

  • 10

    Enjoy your cute, bunny napkin!