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Basil + Mint “Mojito”​ Mocktail

Mint and lemon garnish on a mojito mocktail

Just like the classic cocktail—with a touch of basil and no alcohol! Basil, mint, simple syrup, and lime juice make a refreshing and festive mocktail.

Thank you for the recipe, @aflavorjournal.

Instax picture of a woman garnishing a mojito mocktail


  • 1

    Tear the mint and basil leaves into slightly smaller pieces, then add both to a Chinet Classic® Recycled Clear Cup.

  • 2

    Pour lime juice and simple syrup (or agave syrup) into the cup, then fill the cup about ¾ full of ice.

  • 3

    Use a long spoon to stir the leaves and liquids into the ice. Thoroughly mixing the herbs into the liquids and ice will release more flavor.

  • 4

    Fill the cup with sparkling water, leaving about 1” at the top for room to stir again. Stir the mocktail together, thoroughly mixing the herb leaves throughout the drink.

  • 5

    Garnish with more basil and/or mint leaves and squeeze a fresh lime wedge over the top.