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Homemade Trail Mix

Homemade trail mix is great for the hiking trails but if your weekend activities are spent more on the go or on the fields, trail mix is still a great snack solution. It provides proteins and complex carbs which keep kids going strong all day.  

Here are our tips for creating delicious homemade trail mix. 


Base inspiration

Protein inspiration

Sweet inspiration


  • 1

    Start by picking a base. 

    The base of your trail mix makes up about 50% of your snack. Make sure to find a base that is filling and neutral in flavor. Too strong of a base flavor can overpower the entire mix. 

  • 2

    Add proteins.  

    Proteins, like nuts and seeds, keep you fuller, longer and add nutrients like iron and magnesium. They also add a nice variety to your trail mix.  

  • 3

    Add a sweet. 

    Dried fruit and candy add sweetness—which kids love—and sugar which can help boost low blood sugar during strenuous activities. Dried fruit adds a good source of carbs and fiber to your mix.