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Marbled Easter Egg Cakes

Marbled Easter Egg Cakes Marbled Easter Egg Cakes

These are easier than they look and such a crowd pleaser!



  • 1

    Grease and lightly flour a 9×13 baking dish.

  • 2

    Follow the cake mix instructions and prepare batter. (TIP: Find a mix that calls for whole eggs, not egg whites, for a moister cake that is easier to work with.)

  • 3

    Divide batter evenly into two bowls.

  • 4

    Using food coloring, dye the two bowls different colors.

  • 5

    Pour one color of batter into the prepared baking dish (no need to smooth it out), and then the other color directly on top, filling in any empty spots in the baking dish.

  • 6

    Using a knife, swirl and marble the two colors together. (TIP: Don’t over mix while swirling, or the two colors will combine too much and lose the marbling effect.)

  • 7

    Bake cake according to package instructions.

  • 8

    Let cool, and then gently dump out onto a large cutting board or work surface.

  • 9

    Starting on one end of the cake, carefully cut it in half lengthwise, as if slicing it, to make an open face sandwich—you want the inside center of the cake because it looks so pretty. Use an Easter egg shaped cookie cutter to cut out your cakes.