About Us

Meet the makers of the Chinet® brand.

Huhtamaki (WHO-ta-Ma-ki) Inc—no, it's not a question.

It's who we are; the parent company behind the Chinet® brand. 
Headquartered in the heart of the country in De Soto, KS, the Chinet brand of products has been made in America since the 1930s. From that point on, we've been busy developing new ways to help you make more moments special. Some would call that heritage. We consider it our ongoing mission. 

We've enjoyed earning—and holding—your trust and that of countless others over the past seven-plus decades. So, we offer our sincerest thanks for your help in making the Chinet brand the No. 1 brand of premium disposable tableware. 

This is how Chinet gets social.

At Chinet, we believe that some of the best sharing, liking and hosting happens offline – with good old-fashioned get togethers. Check out our latest commercial. Then, gather up your friends and let’s get social.

We create what you need to make more moments special within these communities:

  • Albertville, Alabama
  • Sacramento, California
  • Waterville, Maine
  • Coleman, Michigan
  • New Vienna, Ohio
  • DeSoto, Kansas

Visit us.huhtamaki.com to learn more about our parent company.