Chinet Classic® Products

Chinet Classic products

It’s how the good times are plated.

Designed to handle the largest helpings and sauciest sides, this line of tableware makes sure leaks and spills are what’s being held up – never the good times.

Collection Features

Made with at least 80% recycled materials
Proudly made in the USA
No bends or leaks – so load it up!

Chinet Classic® Products

Chinet Classic™ Dessert Plate

Chinet Classic®
Dessert Plate

Chinet Classic™ Lunch Plate

Chinet Classic®
Lunch Plate

Chinet Classic™ Dinner Plate

Chinet Classic®
Dinner Plate

Chinet Classic™ Compartment Plate

Chinet Classic®
Compartment Plate

Chinet Classic™ Platter

Chinet Classic®

Chinet Classic™ Compartment Tray

Chinet Classic®
Compartment Tray

Chinet Classic™ Bowl

Chinet Classic®
16oz Bowl

Chinet Classic™ Beverage Napkin

Chinet Classic® Beverage Napkin

Chinet Classic™ Lunch Napkin

Chinet Classic®
Lunch Napkin

Chinet Classic™ Dinner Napkin

Chinet Classic®
Dinner Napkin


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