Chinet Classic® Products

Women's hand picking up a hotdog off a Chinet Classic plate with a fork
Chinet Classic products

It’s how the good times are plated.

From the largest helpings to the sauciest sides, the Chinet Classic® line is made for it. Savor every memory, and bite, with our sturdy, cut-resistant and compostable plates and bowls.

Collection Features

Chinet Classic® plates are made with at least 50% recycled materials.
Proudly made in the USA
Chinet Classic® products are made in the USA*. *Excludes Chinet Classic® compostable straw.
Chinet Classic® plates, bowls, and straws* are compostable*. *Chinet Classic® straws must be composted commercially

Chinet Classic® Products

Chinet Classic™ Dessert Plate

Chinet Classic®
Dessert Plate

Chinet Classic™ Lunch Plate

Chinet Classic®
Lunch Plate

Chinet Classic™ Dinner Plate

Chinet Classic®
Dinner Plate

Chinet Classic™ Compartment Plate

Chinet Classic®
Compartment Plate

Chinet Classic™ Platter

Chinet Classic®

Chinet Classic™ Compartment Tray

Chinet Classic®
Compartment Tray

Chinet Classic™ Bowl

Chinet Classic®
16oz Bowl

Chinet Classic Recycled Clear Cup with

Chinet Classic® Recycled Clear Cup

Chinet Classic Compostable Straw with doodle illustrations

Chinet Classic® Compostable Straw

Chinet Classic™ Beverage Napkin

Chinet Classic® Beverage Napkin

Chinet Classic™ Lunch Napkin

Chinet Classic®
Lunch Napkin

Chinet Classic™ Dinner Napkin

Chinet Classic®
Dinner Napkin

Women passing a Chinet Classic plate of mini muffins across a table

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