About Us

Meet the makers of the Chinet® brand.

The Leaders in Disposable Tableware

The Chinet® brand was built on a strong foundation of American innovation. The fiber company that would eventually develop Chinet Classic White™ plates and bowls was the first to patent a reliable disposable paper plate with strength and durability. That early spirit of innovation led to the development of the world’s first leak-resistant line of disposable paper dinnerware, what you know today as Chinet Classic White plates, bowls, and napkins.

Not only has the Chinet brand pioneered strength and durability in disposable tableware, we’ve also led the way in environmental sustainability. When the United States environmentalist movement surged in the 1970s, we were already using recycled fiber in some of our applications. By the 1980s, Chinet Classic White plates and bowls were being made with 100 percent recycled content.

Due to a shortage of recycled paper as a result of covid-19, this product is not made from recycled materials. We are excited and committed to using 100% recycled materials again as soon as possible.

Today, the Chinet brand is made by Huhtamaki, Inc. and headquartered in De Soto, Kansas. While we’ve enjoyed being the go-to entertaining choice for many generations, we’re always looking forward. We’re working to continue to bring you the kind of innovative products everyone wants to gather around.

Proudly Made in the USA

Chinet Classic White has proudly been made in the USA for over 90 Years. We may be headquartered in the Heartland, but the majority of Chinet products are manufactured all over the United States. Through our manufacturing facilities, Huhtamaki and the Chinet brand support local communities across the United States. See below for a map of the US cities where Chinet products are made.

Albertville, AL Batavia, OH
Coleman, MI De Soto, KS
(North America Headquarters)
Goodyear, AZ New Vienna, OH
Sacramento, CA Waterville, ME