Chinet® Cut Crystal® Collection

It’s time to make your get together a cut above the rest with Chinet Cut Crystal. Stylish. Sophisticated. It has all the ingredients you need to entertain.

What makes Cut Crystal® so great?

Isn't life better when we get together more often? Cocktail parties. Wine tastings. There’s nothing quite like spending time with friends and family. Add a touch of style to any event with Chinet® Cut Crystal® plates, cups, cutlery and wineglasses. The only fully coordinated line of disposable tableware, Chinet® Cut Crystal® products match any decor, allowing you to create the tablescape of your dreams. For weddings, holidays and other special gatherings, Chinet® Cut Crystal® products elegantly rise to the occasion.

Laughter. Conversation. Joy. Invite it all with the fully coordinated line of Chinet® Cut Crystal® plates, cups and cutlery.

Chinet®. You're Invited.

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  • Disposable never looked so elegant.

    Chinet® Cut Crystal® 10" Dinner Plate
    Cut Crystal® 10" Dinner Plate
  • Shows off your cake decorating in style.

    Chinet® Cut Crystal® 7" Dessert Plate
    Cut Crystal® 7" Dessert Plate
  • It packs a punch. Especially when you’re serving, well, punch.

    Chinet® Cut Crystal® 9 oz. Cup
    Cut Crystal® 9 oz. Cup
  • They’re stemless, disposable and—more importantly—unbreakable.

    Chinet® Cut Crystal® Stemless Wine Glass
    Cut Crystal® Stemless Wine Glass
  • It’s disposable cutlery. The surprisingly elegant kind.

    Chinet® Cut Crystal® Cutlery
    Cut Crystal® Cutlery
  • Elevate the elegance of your dinner with help from Chinet® Cut Crystal® Cups. With a sleek design and stylish details, it’s the clear choice for...

    Chinet® Cut Crystal® 14 oz. Cup
    Cut Crystal® 14 oz. Cup

Did You Know?

We want you to be proud about what you're bringing to the table. And there are certain things that make Chinet, well ... Chinet. Learn about our heritage and our sustainability efforts.