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Candy-Filled Rainbow Birthday Cake

Hands pouring sprinkles on cupcakes

Birthday cakes that amaze don’t have to be expensive. In fact, this Candy-Filled Rainbow Birthday Cake is easy enough to make at home and sure to have your kids (and guests) in awe.

Instax of a boy decorating cupcakes

Candy Filling


  • 1

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees (or according to package directions).

  • 2

    Spray 4 –9-in. round cake pans with cooking spray (or spray 2 cake pans, then respray prior to baking the second batch of cakes). 

  • 3

    Mix both cake mixes according to package directions in one large bowl. Then evenly divide batter between four small bowls. 

  • 4

    Add five drops of one food coloring to one small bowl. Stir until you have your desired color. Continue the process with all four colors. Tip: To ensure rich color after baking, use extra food coloring. 

  • 5

    Pour batter into individual cake pans. Then, bake cakes according to box instructions. 

  • 6

    Remove cakes from oven and let cool.  

  • 7

    If using 2 cake pans at a time, remove cakes to cool then wash cake pans, spray and refill. 

  • 8

    Once cooled, remove cakes from cake pans and trim the dome off the top of each cake to level using a long serrated knife. 

  • 9

    Using a small, round cookie cutter or can, cut a hole in the middle of the green and yellow cakes. 

  • 10

    Place the blue cake on a plate or cake stand. Frost the top of the blue cake with vanilla frosting. 

  • 11

    Place the green, donut-shaped cake on top of the blue cake and cover with frosting. Repeat with the yellow cake.  

  • 12

    Before adding the pink cake, fill the center of the constructed cake with small candy. Once the hole is filled, top with the pink cake. 

  • 13

    Ice the entire cake with remaining frosting.  

  • 14

    Top cake with assorted sprinkles and lollipops. Enjoy!