Chinet® Classic White™ Collection

Stylish enough to stand out at any party. Strong enough to handle a competitive eaters biggest appetite. Classic White products are your go-to choice for entertaining.

What makes the Classic White™ collection so classic?

Isn't life better when we get together more often? Backyard barbecues, Impromptu girls' nights. There’s nothing quite like spending time with friends and family.

With a wide range of products, the Chinet® brand makes entertaining easy, no matter the occasion. Our Chinet® Classic White™ plates offer premium strength so you don't have to worry about spills and leaks. Serving on Chinet® Classic White™ plates, platters and napkins mean even the hosts can spend their time socializing instead of being stuck on cleanup duty.

So what are you waiting for? 

Chinet®. You're Invited.


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  • If you’re like us, you like to choose sides. Lots and lots of delicious sides. And thanks to our premium strength compartment tray, the sky’s the...

    Classic White™ Compartment Tray
  • How do you bring your best to the table? Here’s a hint. It starts with this dinner plate. It pairs a stylish design with durable functionality.

     Classic White™ Square 9 1/2" Dinner Plate
  • It’s cake tested and tiramisu approved. Our square dessert plate is the stylish way to finish off any get together.

    Classic White™ Square 6 3/8" Dessert Plate
  • You like to celebrate. A lot. Half birthdays. National Peanut Butter Day. You name it – you’re ready to entertain for it. Lucky for you, so is our...

    Classic White™ All Occasion Plate
  • Your Grandma’s apple pie deserves the best. And with our disposable dessert plate, you’re doing it justice. In other news, have you called your...

    Classic White™ Appetizer and Dessert Plate
  • Tough enough for an extra large turkey. Refined enough to handle any cheese – including the stinky ones. Our Classic White™ Platter is always ready...

    Classic White™ 12 5/8" x 10" Platter
  • Your Aunt’s world famous potato salad is delicious. It also weighs 5 pounds a scoop. Lucky for you, our disposable, paper bowl has the strength to...

    Classic White™ Bowl 16 oz.
  • Microwavable. Leak-proof. Durable. The list could go on and on, but really, when it comes down to it – the name says it all – this bowl is premium.

    Premium Plastic Bowl 20 oz.
  • It hasn’t met a potluck it doesn’t love. Our compartment plate allows you to dish up all of your favorite sides and serve them in a stylish way.

    Classic White™ 10 3/8" Compartment Plate
  • Looking to add a touch of elegance to your next celebration? Our two-ply, premium strength paper napkins will do the trick.

    Classic White™ Napkins
  • It’s been gaining a serious reputation in the cocktail napkin community because of its premium strength and ability to handle the moisture of a...

    Classic White™ Beverage Napkin
  • They are ready when you are. Pre-folded, soft and elegant enough for any gathering, Our three-ply paper napkins are so durable, making them the...

    Classic White™ Dinner Napkins
  • It doesn’t matter if your guests are prone to spills or overly aggressive food grabbing. Our paper tablecloth is water and tear-resistant. And its...

    Classic White™ Tablecover
  • Microwavable. Leak-proof. Disposable. Invite some guests over and enjoy our perfect five-compartment party tray.

    Chip & Dip Party Tray
  • We get it. You’re competitive about your dinner portions. The more mashed potatoes and green beans, the better. Lucky for you, our large dinner...

    Classic White™ Dinner Plate

Did You Know?

We want you to be proud about what you're bringing to the table. And there are certain things that make Chinet, well ... Chinet. Learn about our heritage and our sustainability efforts.