This is how you plate it.

About Our Plates

Chinet plates are known for more than just their ability to carry a party. They’re both elegant and environmentally conscious. With a durable design, they can handle everything from the messiest of ribs to the most generous slices of cake.

From compartment plates to dessert plates to elegant disposable plastic plates, Chinet has you covered. Learn more about our wide array of occasion-ready options below.


  • You spent 8 hours perfecting the cursive frosting writing on your cake. Allow our dessert plate to show off your efforts in style.

    Cut Crystal® 7" Dessert Plate
  • We get it. You’re competitive about your dinner portions. The more mashed potatoes and green beans, the better. Lucky for you, our large dinner...

    Classic White™ Dinner Plate
  • It hasn’t met a potluck it doesn’t love. Our compartment plate allows you to dish up all of your favorite sides and serve them in a stylish way.

    Classic White™ 10 3/8" Compartment Plate
  • Your Grandma’s apple pie deserves the best. And with our disposable dessert plate, you’re doing it justice. In other news, have you called your...

    Classic White™ Appetizer and Dessert Plate
  • You like to celebrate. A lot. Half birthdays. National Peanut Butter Day. You name it – you’re ready to entertain for it. Lucky for you, so is our...

    Classic White™ All Occasion Plate
  • Looking to add a little more entertainment value to your next get together? The stylish and sophisticated Cut Crystal Dinner Plate has you covered.

    Cut Crystal® 10" Dinner Plate
  • It’s cake tested and tiramisu approved. Our square dessert plate is the stylish way to finish off any get together.

    Classic White™ Square 6 3/8" Dessert Plate
  • How do you bring your best to the table? Here’s a hint. It starts with this dinner plate. It pairs a stylish design with durable functionality.

     Classic White™ Square 9 1/2" Dinner Plate

Did You Know?

We want you to be proud about what you're bringing to the table. And there are certain things that make Chinet, well ... Chinet. Learn about our heritage and our sustainability efforts.