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Tips For The Ultimate Pool Party

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Host a pool party this summer that is sure to make a splash!

Summer is the perfect time to gather your friends and family for the ultimate pool party. Whether you’re celebrating America’s independence, hosting a birthday party or commemorating the end of summer with a Labor Day bash, a pool party is a great way to gather with friends and family! Serve Chinet Classic® bowls and plates and Chinet Crystal® plates and cups that are made in America to make your party extra patriotic this summer.

Make your pool party a hit without it being a hassle to host. Check out these five tips to make it the best party of the season.

Make the food the focus

Every great party has great food—pool parties included. From the appetizers to the desserts, make sure your guests always have something delicious to eat. Just because your pool party is casual and guests are snacking as they’d like, doesn’t mean your food has to sit out for hours. To prevent your food from sitting out in the heat too long, assign a specific time to eat. For example, let guests know they can arrive starting at 3:00 pm and that dinner will be served at 5:00 pm. This allows guests to arrive when works best for them and to know when the food will be hot off the grill.

Set out lots of snacks for guests to munch on until the main meal is served. Snacks like chips with guac, veggies, and fruit are great for eating around the pool. They are easy to serve and—even better—easy to eat on your way to do a cannon ball. For even easier eating, separate dips, fruits and veggies into individual portions.

Kids and adults alike love classic burgers and hot dogs, so don’t feel like you must overdo it on the main course. However, if you want to take it up a notch for the adults, check out this Bun Guide to help pair the perfect bun with the burgers you are serving. For the kids, try something fun like this Firecracker Hot Dog recipe or even a hot dog bar. Setting out a variety of condiments on the hot dog bar makes it easy for guests to serve themselves and to come back for seconds (or thirds!).

Whichever main course you decide to go with, make sure to offer lots of sides. Sides that keep well are corn on the cob, salad cups, caprese skewers, and a variety of chips.

Don’t forget dessert

You can’t have summer without dessert, right? If fact, summer and ice cream are pretty synonymous. So, it only makes sense to serve up extra sweets at your party.

A serve-yourself ice cream bar is a guaranteed way to satisfy the sweet tooth of kids and adults, and it will help guests cool off in the heat of the summer. Extra toppings (sprinkles, candies, sauces, whipped cream—just to name a few) go a long way. Serve the ice cream in Chinet Classic® 16oz bowls or the classic ice cream cone.

Another great option is individual desserts that can be prepped before the party. Just set them out after the main course and let guests dig in. These Pool Party Jell-O Cups always make a splash with kids. And Blueberry Cloud Mini Trifles are sure to be loved by adults.

Set up a drink station

When the weather is hot, your guests will certainly want a way to cool down. When they aren’t jumping in the pool, cold drinks will do the trick. Set up a drink station so guests can serve themselves. For both kids and adults, remember to provide extra water. Serving water in reusable pitchers with Chinet Classic® clear cups made from 100% recycled material is a great sustainable option.

A drink station for adults (that’s more than just coolers with ice and beer) will go a long way with your guests. Adults will love creating their own cocktails with a variety of garnishes or trying a premade big-batch beverage. Three big-batch recipes that will get guests feeling the summer vibes are Big Batch Peach Margaritas, Blood Orange Margaritas, and Big Batch Mojitos.

Make sure to offer lots of fun options for kids as well! Kids love lemonade and can easily customize their drinks with the addition of juices, fruits, and other flavors. Here are three refreshing lemonade flavors. Another unique drink option for kids is an Italian soda bar. Flavored syrups and carbonated water give kids a healthier option than soda with the sweet fruit flavors they love.

Do more than just swim

Swimming is a key element of a pool party, but it surely isn’t the only fun to be had. Colorful floats are just one way to add an extra element of excitement to the party. Kids will love playing on them as much as adults will enjoy relaxing on them. Purchase floats to match the theme of your party or invite guests to bring any fun floats they have at home. Don’t forget to set out the pump.

When guests need a break from the water, entertain them with an iconic water balloon fight or a more low-key water balloon toss. This is a great way for both kids and adults to participate in the fun together.

There’s no need to go out and buy any activities you don’t already have. Running through a sprinkler in the backyard is a classic childhood activity, as is diving for toys or coins at the bottom of the pool.

Go all out on a theme

Every party needs a theme—even pool parties! From Memorial Day to Labor Day, summer provides many opportunities to celebrate patriotism. So lean into the festivities with an American-themed pool party. Bring the theme to life with recipes like this Americana Snack Board, Berry Cheesecake and Patriotic Sangria. Decorations, like flags, candles, and balloons, create a playful atmosphere that everyone will enjoy. Add a special touch by serving your meals on products made in America. Chinet® products that are made in America include:



No matter the theme—patriotic, birthday party, or luau—find unique ways to bring it to life through food, drinks and decorations!